A List of Differences Between the Thought of Gordon H. Clark and Cornelius Van Til

I am always asked how Gordon Clark differed from Cornelius Van Til. In this excellent post, Douglas Douma summarizes where the two theologians differed from each other.


Author: Acts1322

δούλος τοῦ θεοῦ Christian - Protestant 1. Epistemology: Occasionalism. Scripturalism. 2. Soteriology: Five Point Calvinism, Teleological Supralapsarianism. 3. Metaphysics: Christian Theism. 4. Ethics: Divine Command Theory (God defines morality, and God is Ex Lex) 5. Ecclesiology : Complementarian 6. Baptism: Credobaptism 7. Pneumatology: Continuationism 8. Bibliology: The Bible -- Inerrant and infallible; Scripturalism. 9. Doctrine of Creation: 6 day, 24 hour Biblical Creation. 10. Eschatology: Post-tribulation, Premillennialism 11. Theology Proper: Trinitarian, Virgin birth, Hypostatic union (incarnation). 12. Atonement: Propitiation for the Elect. 13: Justification: By faith alone.

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